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I have considerable experience with adoption. I am both an adoptee and the parent of an adopted child. These powerful experiences, coupled with my background in the research of adoption, mother-child separation, and early childhood trauma, make me uniquely qualified to speak about adoption and the inner life of the adoptee. My book The Lost Coin: A Memoir of Adoption and Destiny(2023) chronicles my lifelong search for my birth parents and my quest to answer one question: Who Am I? See Memoir for more information.

My private practice in psychotherapy continues but the scope of my work now extends to work with, and appearances for, adoption groups, national adoption associations, parents, attorneys, and fellow therapists wanting to know more about adoption. Inquiries regarding adoption and my services in this area are most welcome.

This online interview with the CEO of the National Association of Adoptees and Parents highlights my combined experience as an adoptee, a writer, and a psychotherapist.

Important References:

‘You Should Be Grateful’ shares stories of race, identity in transracial adoptions – New Day NW