I’m suspicious about anxiety because everyone talks about it as the same thing for each of us. I’m not so sure. There is a big difference in feeling anxious about a loved one fighting cancer and feeling anxious about a field goal kicker lining up for a kick to win the Super Bowl.  

What I know is that anxiety appears in different places in the body at different times: sometimes pulsing at the temples of the skull, sometimes as hyperventilating lungs, and sometimes clenching in the gut.  

I also know that anxiety comes in many colors: “I am so angry and nervous, I just see red!” “The ache in the pit of my stomach is like bottomless black hole.” “My knuckles are white with worry about my teenage daughter who hasn’t made curfew.” 

I am deeply concerned by corporate medicine (physicians working in concert with drug companies) over-diagnosing and over-prescribing us. 40% of American adults have been diagnosed with various anxiety disorders (including ADHD), one-third of whom are being treated by anti-anxiety medication (including methamphetamine). Middle age women suffer the most from anxiety. Young people are diagnosed with anxiety at an alarming rate. Can there be any doubt that a major segment of our population has become addicted to anti-anxiety medication for all manner of symptoms and problems?  

As for my anxiety, I see red when I think of Big Pharma profiting billions on an anxiety epidemic that it helped create. For those reckless pharmaceutical corporations that have grossly oversold the value and efficacy of anti-anxiety medication, the color of their anxiety should be obvious: GREEN.