My training in psychotherapy is grounded in the psychodynamic tradition of Jungian-based depth psychology. However, I utilize a variety of therapeutic approaches including Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), family systems, relational, and somatic therapies. The defining element of depth psychology is the recognition that beneath the conscious mind and the observable patterns of our behavior, the unconscious holds images, desires, and feelings, which express themselves through imagination, dreams, and unconscious motivation.

From my perspective, successful and lasting psychotherapy helps bring to consciousness parts of ourselves that have been held captive in the darkness of the unconscious or in terrorizing memories of the past. But our task is neither to deny nor forget the past, however painful. Rather, our challenge is discover the insights and gifts that our suffering can offer us as we awaken. Hence, our emerging consciousness acts like the morning sun as it illuminates our way forward.

My work with children, teens, and adults encompasses this orientation, but it differs widely based on the age, gender, and unique background of each client.

My Approach in Working With You

I personalize the experience of psychotherapy for each client. I believe psychotherapy should be positive, fun, and oriented to personal growth. What my practice does not offer is “counseling”, which is often a short-term tactic focused on changing attitudes and behaviors through advice-giving and cognitive coaching. Rather, I am interested in working interactively with clients over the time required to lessen suffering from negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that stand in the way of greater happiness.

For many adults psychotherapy can lead to an understanding of why symptoms such as anxiety and depression may serve as voices calling from within–beckoning us to see beyond our immediate horizon to find a new way of being in the world, as we were destined. For that reason “midlife crisis” holds the potential for true personal transformation.

Once we have tasted far streams, found some limit beyond the waterfall, a season changes and we come back changed but safe, quiet, grateful.

William Stafford


I work with children and teens (ages 6-16), individual adults, couples, and families.


The areas of my specialization in working with clients include:

  • Trauma, including early childhood trauma and abuse
  • Midlife crisis – the dark night of the soul – including marriage and career crisis
  • Depression, grief, divorce, shame, and feeling stuck in life
  • Anxiety, panic, ADHD, and chronic conflict
  • Child and teen problems with behavior, friends, parents, and school
  • Unique needs of boys, male teens, and men
  • Spiritual growth
  • Adoption

I am currently accepting new clients.